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Uniformed Officer Refused Service At McDonald's

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A uniformed police officer was allegedly refused service by a member of staff at a McDonald's restaurant in Richmond, Virginia.

Scott Naff, a 25-year police veteran working for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, arrived at the restaurant while on a break during a shift, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

The incident was made public by Cathy Naff, the officer's wife, who wrote about it in a social media post which was widely shared.

"He was in uniform and his police vehicle," Cathy said, according to WSOC. "He paid for his food and drove forward to the next window. The young man who was working that window looked at him and backed away from the window mouthing something to my husband."

According to the account, the member of staff came to the window again and said to him, "I ain't serving no police." They then closed the service hatch at the drive through.

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Scott was served by another employee several minutes later. He then left the restaurant with his wife.

The owner of the McDonald's franchise said action was taken in response to the report, but no further details were provided. The restaurant was committed to serving everyone, a statement said, "including all authority figures who protect our wildlife and natural resources."

"We regret this situation as it goes against our standards of providing a welcoming experience to everyone, and we have taken the appropriate action to resolve this situation," the statement said, according to the Times-Dispatch.

Cathy placed blame on the employer, arguing that they should have provided training to the worker.

"This situation is about how a law enforcement officer was treated by an employee of a local establishment who should have been trained by their employer and properly supervised on how to treat their customers," added Cathy. "My husband is one of the great guys and would have never treated this young man disrespectfully."

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Scott said he was unable to speak about the incident.

Cathy later updated her post to confirm that the employee in question had been fired.

"This is such an eye opener for me as to what the people who protect us have to go through on a daily basis," she wrote, according to WSOC. "Please pray for the men and women who serve and protect us and put their lives on the line for us each and every day."

Sources: Richmond Times-Dispatch, WSOC / Photo credit: PixabaySchuminWeb/Wikimedia Commons, Foodbeast

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