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Officers Use Stun Gun On 91-Year-Old Alzheimer's Patient (Video)

Body cam footage of police using a stun gun on an elderly Alzheimer's patient is going viral (video below).

The incident took place at a nursing home in Kansas in March, WWLP reported. Body cam footage captured the moment a 91-year-old Alzheimer’s patient was tased after he was reportedly violent and resisted officers.

The video shows a group of officers asking a man named Lee to get up from his chair. When he gets up, Lee resists the officers, and that's when an officer is heard calling for the Taser.

The man is heard screaming after being shot, and several staff members can be seen rushing toward the commotion.

The Ottawa County sheriff said the man had assaulted another resident in the nursing home, and was resisting authorities when they were trying to take him to a doctor's appointment.

The elderly man died two months later. His family said they believe the incident weakened his heart and may have ultimately caused his death, KWCH reported. They also claim the handcuffs placed by officers broke his wrist.

The sheriff told the news station he believes the investigation is complete, but added that he will have to check his reports.

A new administrator at the nursing home has since put policies in place to avoid a repeat of this incident. The changes include more training for staff, and making sure no staff member responds to a situation alone.

“I don’t know all the details, but what I do want to do is make sure that whatever did take place at the time, we don’t have a repeat of," the administrator told WWLP.

“Did that have to happen? I don’t know. All I know is I have a resident that got hurt," the administrator added. "They should’ve had a professional on board, first of all, somebody to talk him down. If these police officers were not trained properly on how to handle that, this is what happened.”

Sources: WWLP, KWCH / Photo credit: Flickr via Popular Science

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