Officer Suspended For Pulling Gun On Group Of Children Building A Tree Fort (Video)

A Henry County, Georgia police officer has been suspended after he reportedly pulled a gun on a group of kids playing in a tree house.

According to reports, officer Joseph Collins pulled a gun on the children and told them all to get on the ground while he yelled curses at them. 14-year-old Ferrod Williams says that the officers scared him and his friends when they were chopping down branches to build a tree fort.

"Out of the corner of my eye they came running up with the gun told us to get on the ground, and as they said that, we got on the ground, and then they told us to get up slowly like we was 18-year-old adults," said Williams. “Like, oh my gosh, I thought I was going to be dead, I was going to get arrested, all that.”

Following the incident, Williams’ parents filed a complaint against the Henry County police, and now, officer Collins has been suspended for two days and will have to go through extra training.

"I don't think that's acceptable. You have no right pulling a gun on 11-year-old children," said Sherrese Williams. "I want him to be fired. I really do. He's scared of the police. I didn't teach him to be scared of the police, you know, I taught him to respect the police. Now, how can he respect the police.”

Police say the investigation into the incident is complete, but it’s clear that Williams’ parents want more action to be taken.


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