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Officer Smashes Car Window While Woman Is Passed Out Drunk In Driver's Seat (Video)

A San Diego police officer was forced to smash the window of a car after the driver passed out drunk at the wheel while driving on the freeway, and now, video of the incident has gone viral.

In the clip, a police officer is seen smashing through the window of 25-year-old Amber McKinney Morgan’s car after she passed out drunk at the wheel on the freeway. Morgan had reportedly stopped her car in the middle of one of the freeway lanes early in the morning on Friday and left the car running.

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Officers attempted to wake Morgan up several times, but their attempts were unsuccessful. Ultimately, the officers, who believed the 25-year-old was unconscious, decided to smash the passenger-side window, and as they did, the car began to roll down the highway.

“As a last resort, the officer had to break the glass in order to open the car and eventually gain control of the vehicle to get it to stop,” California Highway Patrol Officer Albert Udan said, according to NBC San Diego. Udan added that the car was an “extreme danger” to the other cars around it.

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Eventually Morgan woke up, and now, she’s sitting in jail facing a DUI charge. Reports note that a large bottle of liquor was found on the floor of the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC San Diego / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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