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Officer Shoots Dog In Front Of 13-Year-Old

Rania Hagemeier recently buried Todd, her beloved border collie and boxer mix, after a police officer fatally shot him in front of Hagemeier's 13-year-old daughter.

Todd died on Aug. 31 after being shot in the head in chest by a police officer from the Wilber, Nebraska, police department. The shooting occurred in front of Rania’s 13-year-old daughter, Bree, according to The Journal Star. The family’s attorney, Dustin Garrison, said she begged the officer not to shoot while she stood just over 60 feet away.

How and why the shooting happened remains unclear. On the morning Todd was killed, he got loose from the family’s yard, which doesn’t have a fence. The unidentified police officer was reportedly searching for a dog that someone had reported, although it’s unclear if that dog was Todd or not. 

“We think he went to the location looking for another dog and just happened to stumble across Todd,” Garrison told The Journal Star.

The officer then allegedly cornered Todd in his family’s yard and shot him. 

Todd was described as a gentle pet who lived with four Chihuahuas and a cat. He also liked to play with the neighborhood children. Several photos on Rania’s Facebook profile feature Todd cuddling with his family.

“Todd didn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Garrison said. “This is simply the result of an overzealous police officer that wanted to use his gun and used it on a dog for no apparent reason.”

City officials have declined to comment ion the matter and the incident is under review by the city’s insurance company, but the Hagemeier family wants the officer fired.

Garrison claims the officer could have taken more lives than just Todd’s.

“In shooting this dog, he put lots of people’s lives in danger,” Garrison said. “That bullet could have ricocheted anywhere in the neighborhood.”

Sources: The Journal StarRania Hagermeir/Facebook

Photo Credit: The Journal Star, Rania Hagermeir/Facebook


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