Officer Pulls Woman Over, Ends Up Saving Her Life (Video)


A police officer in Kalamazoo, Michigan pulled a car over for running a red light, but when he approached the vehicle, he ended up saving the driver’s life.

Officer John Gates saw a woman in a minivan speed through a red light on Saturday morning. Gates followed her before finally turning his lights on to pull her over.

As the officer approaches the car, the female driver immediately opens her car door. As he asks her what's wrong, he immediately notices that she is having trouble breathing. When he realizes that she is choking, he quickly grabs her, wraps his arms around her, and administers the Heimlich maneuver.

Thankfully, Officer Gates is able to dislodge what the police report says was a sausage and bun from the woman’s throat. As soon as the food is out of her airway, the woman hugs Gates and cries in his arms while thanking him for saving her life.

Sources: TheBlaze, WZZM 13 News, KDPS


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