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Officer Saves Woman Being Strangled By Her Seat Belt

A Florida Highway Patrol officer is being praised for his efforts to help a woman who was being strangled by her seat belt.

According to reports, a 38-year-old unidentified woman got stuck in the seat belt of her 2010 Toyota when her young daughter, age four, put it around her neck in protest of having to strap into her car seat. The seat belt unfortunately locked in place and began to choke the woman as her husband tried unsuccessfully to free her. The seat belt became even tighter around the woman’s neck, and her husband got out of the car, which was parked on the side of the highway, to flag down help.

Luckily, Florida Highway Patrol Officer Brad Wagner was on patrol when he saw the husband in need of help. By the time he responded, the woman was nearly unconscious, but thankfully, the Officer Wagner was able to cut the woman out of her seat belt and get her breathing again.

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Eventually, an EMT checked the woman out and determined that no serious damage was done.

While commenters online praised the officer for his actions, many criticized the young girl for putting the seat belt around her mother’s neck. Others, however, blasted people for their criticism of the child.

“Children do not realize danger, it is one reason they get parents,” said one commenter. “A four year old did not deliberately try to strangle her mother. Glad they are all okay.”

Sources:Huffington Post, WTSP / Photo Source: WTSP, Wikimedia Commons


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