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Officer Saves Choking Man's Life (Video)

An Los Angeles police officer is being credited with saving the life of a man who was choking in a restaurant, and the incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

Video (below) shows the man in white suddenly get up from the table where he was eating with his wife and son. As it becomes clear that he’s choking, the man’s wife pulls out her phone to dial 911.

While the man is choking, people seem to see what’s happening, but nobody stops to help.

Suddenly, Officer Mark Mireles of the Los Angeles Police Department comes to the rescue. Mireles happened to be at the restaurant on his lunch break when he saw some commotion at the table. When he went to check it out, it became clear that the man was having trouble breathing.

“It was evident that his airway was obstructed because he couldn’t even make a sound,” Mireles told CBS Los Angeles. “I knew that I had seconds to act.”

Mireles quickly grabbed the man and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

“I gave him about three or four thrusts and I was telling my partner to call an ambulance,” Mireles recalled.

Finally, the man’s airway cleared, and Mireles says he believes he was in “the right place at the right time.” He also sees the irony in what happened, revealing that he had just completed first aid training not five weeks before.

Video of the incident recently went viral online, and many people call Mireles a hero.

“Glad it worked out well,” wrote one commenter on Reddit. “Good job to the officer!”

Reports note that Mireles has received three medals of valor in his 25 years with the LAPD.

The victim said he was grateful to Mireles for jumping into action, and Mireles hopes this will encourage people to go out and get first aid training.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, Reddit

Photo Source: Screenshot via YouTube


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