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Officer Revives Infant Having A Seizure

Kenzlee Mae Cushman was in the car with her grandparents on Oct. 4, bound for her home in Charles Town, West Virginia, when she froze and became unresponsive.

The 9-month-old’s grandparents spotted a police officer on the highway, pulled over and ran towards Officer James Herman with the infant, NBC Washington reported.

At the time, Herman was reading the driver’s license of someone he’d just pulled over, according to The Washington Post. He initially thought the grandparents were being chased, but then noticed the baby.

“She’s not breathing,” the grandfather said, according to The Washington Post. Kenzlee's skin had reportedly turned slightly blue, and her arms were limp.

Kenzlee had suffered a seizure, and Herman performed CPR. A Good Samaritan, who said he was a firefighter, came to the family's aid. 

"It was amazing how fast the baby came back," Herman told NBC Washington. "The eyes came back. The baby became responsive, tracking our fingers."

The infant was rushed to the hospital and is now recovering at the same medical facility where she previously had heart surgery.

The firefighter was later identified as Brody Channell of Little Rock, Arkansas, who was in the area because his father, Capt. Dennis A. Channell, a fellow firefighter who died in the line of duty, was being honored by the National Fallen Firefighters Association.

"I think it was meant to be," Channell said. "It was a right place, right time situation where I could assist the officer in what he was doing and save a life."

"[Herman] followed his training, and his efforts resulted in a positive outcome,” Cmdr. David Falcinelli said of the 11-year veteran in a statement. "He is an excellent representative of the dedication and professionalism that Montgomery County Police officers possess."

Sources: NBC WashingtonThe Washington Post / Photo credit: The Washington Post


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