Officer Reacts In Surprising Way To Elderly Woman Speeding To See Her Sick Grandson (Video)


An 87-year-old mother did what any caring parent would when she received a phone call informing her that her son was very ill and in the hospital: she dropped everything and jumped in her car to make the 350-mile trek from her home in southern Nevada to Ogden, Utah, to see him.

On her way, Helen “Skeeter” Smith was reportedly stopped by a patrol officer on the I-15 because she was driving too fast, reports KUTV.

“He was all nice,” Smith said. “Oh yeah, he was just doing his job.”

After she was pulled over, instead of driving her car back onto the highway, she reportedly accidentally put it in reverse – and hit Trooper Jeff Jones’ patrol car in the process.

Smith says she put “a little dent” in his car, but that Jones was extremely forgiving after he learned why the woman was in such a hurry. Realizing it was probably not safe for her to make the trip by herself, Jones had her car towed to a safe location and arranged for another trooper named Jared Jenson to drive her all the way to Utah County.

Once there, a third kind trooper – Chris Bishop – drove Smith to Salt Lake County, where she was then introduced to yet another trooper – Andrew Pollard – who escorted her to Ogden Regional Medical Center so she could reunite with her sick son.

Even though Smith's son is still ill and seeking treatment, the woman had nothing but kind things to say about the officers who helped her. “I ended up taking four patrol cars,” she said. “Four good-lookin’ patrol boys brought me.”

Source: KUTV/Photo Credit: KUTV


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