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False Report: Refugee Caught With Gas Pipeline Plans

According to reports, police in a New Mexico town near the border with Mexico allegedly arrested a Middle Eastern woman in possession of plans for a gas pipeline in the area.

According to a report by Judicial Watch, a woman described as an "Islamic refugee" was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Luna County, New Mexico. The woman was allegedly found to be in possession of the area's gas pipeline plans around the small town of Deming, which has been named one of New Mexico's 10 worst places to live due to extreme poverty and crime and high unemployment rates.

The report states that the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force was deployed to the region to investigate the incident. A motive for the possession of the plans was not confirmed, but reports say the plans were likely part of a potential terrorist attack, according to Mad World News.

After news of the incident spread online, the validity of the claim was investigated by Snopes -- a site that investigates urban legends and internet rumors -- which proclaimed the story was false. According to Snopes, the Luna County Sheriff's Department had no record of the arrest taking place or any gas pipeline plans being uncovered in the area.

Sources: Mad World NewsSnopes / Photo credit: Stock Photos via Mad World News

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