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Officer Pulls Over Motorist Only To Be Arrested Himself for Drunk Driving (Video)

An officer recently pulled over a man he suspected was smoking marijuana, but the tables were turned on him when he then wound up being arrested for drunk driving.

Andrew Seston was out patrolling one day last April when he pulled over 35-year-old Irfan Mehrban, who was turning onto his street after picking his son up from school.

“I had just turned into my street after picking my son up from school, and this copper flagged me down,” recalled Mehrban. “He asked me to get out of the car, so I did because I was at home. I asked him why he stopped me, and he said he thought he could smell cannabis. It was then I smelled his breath and I was like ‘whoa’. He stank of alcohol. I don't drink and I don't do drugs, so I started arguing with him because he was drunk. It was then that he called for backup and I rang the police myself. When the other police turned up and arrested him, it was the absolute definition of justice.”

“At first the other officers were only interested in me, they checked my insurance and tried to see if they could smell cannabis on me,” continued Mehrban. “But they talked to him for a bit and then they realized he was drunk. They breathalyzed him and put him into the back of a van. I gloated a bit, but I think I deserved to. He was trying to make my day miserable, and got what was coming to him.”

When the officers arrived and first noticed that Seston was intoxicated, Mehrban took out his phone to capture the incident on camera. He posted the video on YouTube this week, and thousands of people have already viewed it.

Seston, 44, was banned from driving and fired from his job at the Thames Valley Police Department as a result of the incident. As an officer, one’s responsibilities include working with teams to patrol and fight crime, along with assisting police officers with incidents.

Thames Valley Police released a statement regarding the incident, saying, “Andrew Seston is no longer employed by Thames Valley Police and so as he is not an employee, we would not comment.”

Mehrban says he feels that justice was served in this situation.

“He shouldn’t be stopping people if he’s drunk, and he definitely shouldn’t have been driving,” said Mehrban.

Sources: Bucks Free Press, Metro, Daily Mail


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