Officer's Decision To 'Give A Break' Pays Off (Video)


A Texas police officer is in the news for his actions during a traffic stop in 2014 (video below).

When Officer Dick Hill attempted to pull over Andrew Finch for an expired inspection, Finch, who had marijuana in his trunk and a prior misdemeanor on his record, fled through a school zone, according to KDFW.

A brief chase ensued, and eventually Finch came to a stop in one of Arlington's neighborhoods.

"This first thing I said was, 'Don't shoot, don't shoot. I don't have a gun,'" Finch recalled in an interview with KDFW. "Here it is, I'm thinking my life is going to be over. He commanded me to the ground immediately, I dropped and I laid there."

Finch then explained to the veteran officer why he ran, and what happened next brought Finch to the verge of tears.

"He thanked me for my honesty, and in that moment I was almost full of tears, almost broke down because I knew he was letting me go," Finch said.

Hill wrote him two tickets for not having a valid driver's license or inspection, but he did not arrest him for possession of marijuana.

Finch is still grateful for the second chance, and since that day he has held down a steady job and has been able to provide for his 3-year-old daughter. Had it been another officer, Finch may still be in jail.

"The job is not to take everybody to jail," Hill told KDFW. "You learn to read, 'this person needs a break,' you know?"

"It makes me feel good," Hill added. "Not just me that I was able to do something, but for him to better his life."

The two men got together recently, two years after the traffic stop, and shared their story on Facebook.

"It meant the world because he didn't just see me for a thug, a common criminal," Finch said. "He looked past all that. He saw me for a person."

Finch's story is a welcome contrast to the recent spate of deadly violence between police officers and black civilians.

Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch are scheduled to speak at a ceremony honoring the three police officers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, killed in an ambush-style attack on July 17, according to The Associated Press.

The killing took place after 37-year-old Alton Sterling was shot and killed in the same town on July 6. Video of Sterling's death was posted online, prompting waves of outrage and protests.

The gunman in the ambush attack was 29-year-old Army veteran Gavin Long, a black man who was angry about the relationship between black civilians and white police officers. Long was shot and killed by a SWAT team.

Sources: KDFWAP via ABC News / Photo credit: KDFW

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