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Officer Pablo Torres Involved In Two Shootings Within A 10-Day Span

Officer Pablo Torres of Wisconsin's Kenosha Police Department was involved in two shootings in a 10-day span. 

March 14 was Torres’ first day back on the job after a few days off following the first shooting. At around 9:30 p.m., police officers attempted to arrest Aaron Siler. He fled in a car and was pursued by police. After crashing the car, Siler continued on foot.

Torres reportedly chased Siler until he armed himself with an undisclosed weapon. After telling Siler to drop the weapon multiple times, Torres reportedly opened fire. Siler died of his wounds.

Siler was wanted for violating probation and parole.

On March 4, Torres was involved in an unrelated shooting. Police were called to the house of a suicidal 64-year-old man who was armed with knives. The man refused to lower the weapons and Torres reportedly shot him in the abdomen. The man did not die of the gunshot.

Torres was placed on administrative leave after that incident, and he returned to work on March 14, the day he shot and killed Siler.

A new Wisconsin law requires all officer-related shootings to be investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Both shootings are currently under investigation.

Sources: JSOnline, FOX6Now

Photo Source: Screen Capture via FOX6Now


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