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Officer Notices Man On Girl's Lap Mouthing Something To Them, React Quickly

Two Florida police officers saved a girl after she mouthed the words “help me” to them as they walked by her. 

Deputy Ryan Hooks and Sgt. Paula Pendleton decided to walk by a pavilion area notorious for attracting underage drinkers while on patrol in Walton County, Florida. 

The officers spotted a girl sitting on a man’s lap and noticed that she was mouthing, “Help me,” in their direction, WALA reported. 

“Help me, he won’t let me go,” she reportedly told Pendleton quietly.

The officers then ordered Fidel Mandujano Jr., who was holding the girl’s waist, to let her go. The girl appeared to be scared, shaking and teary-eyed.

The teen later told authorities she accidentally became separated from her friend and decided to go home. As she got to the beach access area, Mandujano allegedly tried to kiss her. He refused to let her leave and pulled her onto the bench, holding her there.

The teen said Mandujano inappropriately touched her inside her clothes and only stopped when Hooks and Pendleton arrived.

Mandujano was arrested for false imprisonment and sexual battery. 

Sources: WJHGWALA / Photo credit: WALA


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