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Officer, Moved By Little Girl, Leaves Her This Note (Photo)

A three-year-old girl made such an impression on one police officer he couldn’t leave a store parking lot without letting her know.

Noelani Hatton‎ was outside of a Target with her daughter when the child spotted Officer C. Powell of the Seattle Police Department.

"My three-year-old daughter jumped out of her car seat as fast as she could to wave to a local police officer before we headed into Target this evening,” Hatton wrote in a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

The little girl’s wave affected Officer Powell so much he decided to leave her a special note and a gift.

“A simple wave from a little girl can make an officer smile and have a better day. Thanks,” he wrote on his business card, which he left on Hatton’s windshield.

Officer Powell included a one dollar bill for the little girl with the note for her "piggy bank."

Hatton appreciated the officer’s note and gift, and shared a photo of it on Facebook.

“Officer Powell, you made my daughter's week! Thank you for all that you do!" she wrote.

At least 19,000 people reacted on Facebook to the story, and it has been shared more than 1,000 times as of Oct. 3.

The positive response Officer Powell received prompted him to share his feelings about the encounter on the Seattle Police Department’s Facebook page in a poem titled “A Little Girl Smiles.”

“A little girl waved at me and smiled as she and her parents walked away little did she know the affect that had on my otherwise somber day,” he wrote. “I have never seen her before and may never see her again but on this day she turned my frown upside down and into a grin.

“Sometimes all it takes is the gesture of a little one’s innocent touch but to someone whose memory can’t erase the ugliness it means so much.”

Officer Powell said he left the note and one dollar bill to say thanks.

“We see so much that is negative in this time and space. Thank you little one for the wave and smiling face,” he wrote.

Officer Powell wrote that he will never forget Hatton’s daughter and hopes one day their paths will cross again.

Hatton feels the same way.

“Thank you, Officer Powell! We hope we cross paths with you again soon as well,” she wrote in response to his letter on Facebook. “My daughter (as well as my husband and I) would sure love to see you again!”

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