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Officer Kneels To Change Tire, Gets Big Surprise

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An officer who stepped in to help an elderly woman change her flat tire got a big surprise when he saw who showed up to help behind him.

A Las Vegas cop was on road duty when he saw a woman struggling to put on a flat tire. He stopped to see if she needed help and told her to stay in the car while he fixed the tire. 

Little did he know who would cross paths with the two on Christmas Eve. As the officer was busy fixing the flat tire, Zoltan Bathory, lead guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, happened to stop at the scene, Mad World News reports.

Instead of just driving by, Bathory decided to personally thank the officer for his service and assist him with the task to show his appreciation and support.

Bathory and the rest of the band are big supporters of law enforcement and the military. The band always takes time to publicly praise them, having released several songs as a tribute to law enforcement and military, according to Blue Lives Matter.

The band also recruits veterans and employs a number of retired military members for their shows. 

A picture of the moment was taken by the guitarist and shared on social media, garnering praise from fans of the band and Blue Lives Matter supporters. 

Bathory captioned the image with: 

"@LVMPD officer kneeling in the dirt changing the tire of an old lady, I pulled over to thank him and to see if he needed a hand [love] LVMPD."

“As one officer was away from his family, this rockstar made a point to stop, help and shine a spotlight on our officers,” Blue Lives Matter reported. 

However, some have criticized Bathory for possibly taking advantage of the situation in order to get good publicity. 

Blabbermouth reports the band recently finished co-headlining a tour with Shinedown but was without lead singer Ivan Moody for the last eight shows due to an undisclosed illness. 

Sources: Mad World NewsBlabbermouthBlue Lives Matter / Photo credit: Zoltan Bathory via Blue Lives Matter

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