New Mexico Woman Claims Officer Sexually Assaulted Her, Lapel Camera Video Disproves Her Allegations (Video)


A New Mexico police officer’s body camera captured the moment a woman tried to frame him for sexual assault during her arrest after she was suspected of driving while intoxicated.

When Albuquerque officer Jared Frazier pulled Deanna Griego, 23, over earlier this month for a DWI, she said she was slurring her words because of a “speech impediment,” according to The Blaze.

"I'm going to school for being a cop," she tells officer Frazier, seen on his lapel cam, reports.

That’s when Griego can be seen in the video below slipping her cellphone inside her bra. After failing the roadside sobriety tests, she was arrested and taken to a police station, where she blew a .13 blood alcohol content.

Griego said she had to use the bathroom at the station.

"Bathroom's on your left," said Frazier, taking off the woman’s cuffs.

Griego then took her phone out and Frazier says she heard her asking, "How can I get this officer in trouble?”

"You're not allowed to do that," said Frazier. "Go ahead and step out. You're on the phone; you need to step out.”

"[You were] inappropriately touching me while I was waiting in the car," said Griego. 

"The whole thing's on video ma'am; you can say whatever you like," Frazier responded.

Officers with the sex crimes division of the Albuquerque Police Department later conducted a full investigation and cleared Frazier of any wrongdoing.

According to The Blaze, an APD spokesman said Griego is not facing additional charges because, despite the false accusations against the officer, police did not want to discourage other potential victims of sexual assault from coming forward. 

Watch the body cam video below:

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