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Officer Investigated For Recording Of Him Saying, "Pin It On Anybody, That's How We Roll"

Police in Pasadena, California have launched an investigation into an officer’s actions after a recording of him prompted misconduct allegations.

Police Chief Phillip Sanchez says he has an “obligation” to look into a statement made by Officer William Broghamer that was played during the murder trial of Rashad McCoy. In the recorded statement, Broghamer allegedly says to a colleague that he’d, “pin it on anybody, that’s how we roll.”

“I think the defense attorney raised a concern of some level of conduct that I’m looking into now, as I do with all matters of allegations of misconduct,” said Sanchez.

McCoy was acquitted of murder charges after the shooting death of a 23-year-old during an attempted robbery, and the recorded statement by Officer Broghamer came after an interview with a witness in a different case. Broghamer insists the statement was a joke, but McCoy’s mother Keppie Moore says she plans to take legal action against the department for the officer’s comment.

“We are suing them big time, if nothing else for that comment,” said Moore, according to the Pasadena Star News. “That was horrible.”

An investigation into the Officer Broghamer’s statement is ongoing, and reports say that he already has a slew of other misconduct allegations against him, including that he and two other officers beat suspects, hid evidence, and threatened witnesses.

Sources: Pasadena Star News, What Really Happened


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