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Officer Hands Man Traffic Ticket, Man Immediately Notices Something Rolled Up Inside Of It (Video)

A police officer in Plano, Texas, was honored by his colleagues for helping out a needy man who was pulled over for expired registration.

The anonymous officer pulled over 25-year-old Hayden Carlo one day after he noticed that the man’s registration had expired. When the officer asked Carlo why he hadn’t renewed it, Carlo was completely honest.

“There’s no explanation for why I haven’t done it, except I don’t have the money,” said Carlo to the officer. “It was either feed my kids or get my registration done.”

The officer, clearly moved by Carlo’s honesty, decided to do something that probably no other police officer has ever done before. He handed Carlo a citation, and rolled up inside of it was a $100 bill.

“I opened it up and there’s a $100 bill,” said Carlo. “I broke down in my car. What else could I do?”

Carlo says that he used the money to renew the registration for his car as well as his wife’s car, and now, they are both driving around legally.

“He helped me out when I needed it and I appreciate that. I’ll never forget that man,” Carlo said to KTVT. “It definitely restored my faith in God.”

Moved by the situation, Carlo’s grandfather wrote a letter to the Plano Police Department praising them for what the officer did for his grandson.

“I get emotional when we talk about this type of thing,” said Carlo’s grandfather Billy McIntire. “You just don’t find that many officers who would do this type of thing.”

The officer hadn’t told anyone about what he did for Carlo until the letter arrived at the police station, and once they found out, his colleagues planned to honor him for the act of kindness he performed during the seemingly routine traffic stop.


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