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Cop Simultaneously Drives And Performs CPR On Toddler To Save His Life (Video)

A police officer in Red Hook, New York, impressively saved the life of a toddler while he was simultaneously rushing him to a local hospital, and now, that officer is being hailed a hero.

According to reports, 19-year-old Matt Morgan grabbed his son’s seemingly lifeless body and sped through village streets after witnessing 22-month-old Matthew suffer a seizure and collapse. As he sped through the streets, Officer Patrick Hildenbrand turned on his lights to pull him over, and that’s when Morgan came running out of his car holding his dying son.

“He has a young boy in his hands and he's running at me, yelling at me, his son is not breathing. 'I think my son is dead, my son is not breathing,'” said Hildenbrand.

Hildenbrand quickly jumped into action and put the toddler and his father in the back seat of his SUV while he sped them to the hospital. Morgan attempted to perform CPR through the officer’s coaching, but it wasn’t helping, so Hildenbrand took matters into his own hands.

“I reached my hand back here as I'm driving, moved my body over and started doing all the compressions and feeling for a pulse while I could still operate the vehicle,” said Hildenbrand.

Amazingly, they arrived at the hospital, and now, 22-month-old Matthew is alive and well. Hildenbrand is being labeled a hero in the local community for his amazing work.

“I really don't think this child would be here today if it wasn't for those efforts,” said Dr. John Sabia of Northern Dutchess Hospital. “I think the key is when you can start rescue CPR out in the community it certainly, the earlier you start it the better outcomes you have.”

"It's an emotional thing," said Hildenbrand. "It takes a lot out of you. I'm glad his parents will be able to see him again and play with him."

Doctors still aren’t sue what caused the young boy to collapse in the first place.

Sources: Eyewitness News NY, WPDH, Poughkeepsie Journal


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