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Officer Fired For Videotaping Police Chief Having Sex In Ambulance (Video)

The police officer who planted the camera that caught a New Mexico police chief having sex on city property has been fired.

Sergeant Joshua Terrell planted the camera in order to catch Jal Police Chief Larry Burns having sex inside and around an ambulance, reports KRQE. Two separate incidents were captured.

Burns was wearing his gun and badge in the company of a woman in the footage.

Terrell’s big mistake was that he sent the footage to a local television station instead of Jal Interim City Manager Bob Gallagher, reports the Daily Mail.

“It would have been very easy if he had just come in with the tape and said, 'Mr Gallagher, I think something is going wrong in the department’,” Gallagher said.

Burns was suspended for two weeks without pay for his sex acts.

“I think it was lapse of judgment. Something that I don’t think will keep him from being able to perform his duties when he comes back,” Gallagher said.

Terrell was vocal about his dislike for Burns and by capturing his bad behavior on camera, he wanted to sabotage his run for magistrate judge.

Gallagher says Terrell violated eight different policies by planting the camera, including using a key to gain access to the ambulance barn when he was not allowed there.

Terrell cannot be seen as a whistleblower and protected from being fired because the materials were not kept internally.

“To try to destroy a person that he did not like – I thought we didn't need Terrell with a badge or a gun,” Gallagher explained.

Terrell was fired from his position after serving with the department for seven years.

Sources: KRQE, Daily Mail


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