Woman Abandons Dog In Garbage Bag

A woman abandoned a dog outside an animal shelter in Woodhaven, Michigan, in late June.

The woman was captured on surveillance camera leaving the Yorkie at around 7:20 a.m. one morning, WXYZ reported.

A volunteer arriving later found the dog, who was renamed Gladys. The Yorkie had been put in a crate inside the garbage bag.

When the volunteer found Gladys, she had a broken leg and was infested with flees.

But the animal shelter took care of her, before staff at Last Day Dog Adoption got her ready for a new owner.

In mid July, Lynn Lorenzetti adopted Gladys.

“I thought: ‘Oh, my goodness; I have to have her’,” Lorenzetti said of the moment she saw Gladys’s picture, according to the Southgate News-Herald. “We met and became buddies right away. She is so excited about life, so happy. Her tail is wagging all of the time. I think she knows she hit the jackpot.”

Gladys is receiving much better treatment from her new owner.

“My dad comes over once or twice a week to play with her and my neighbors come over, too,” Lorenzetti told The News-Herald. “She’s getting so much attention.”

But Lorenzetti added she wasn’t familiar with Gladys’ past when she adopted her. When she went to a fundraiser and realized many attendees knew Gladys from the news, Lorenzetti was surprised.

“She’s famous,” Lorenzetti said.

Lorenzetti went on to explain that Gladys came along at just the right time because she had recently lost her pet cat of several years.

Over 100 calls were taken by the Woodhaven police providing information about who may have been responsible for abandoning Gladys. PETA, an animal welfare organization, offered a reward of $5,000 for any information leading to her arrest.

The woman has not been found.

Sources: WXYZ, The News-Herald / Photo credit: WXYZ

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