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Officer Fatally Shoots Dog He Claims Charged Towards Him (Video)

A York, S.C. woman is grieving the loss of her beloved dog after a York County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot and killed the leashed nine-year-old Labrador retriever because, he claimed, it charged at him.

Alice Renee McGlone says she’s outraged that the officer killed her dog, but the sheriff’s office is defending the deputy’s actions, saying he was left with no other choice.

“He hated to have done what he did but we teach our officers that they need to protect themselves in all situations,” said Captain Allen Brandon. “It’s regrettable what happened.”

The incident occurred earlier this week when McGlone’s daughter, who lives in Virginia, called police because she hadn’t heard from her mother since the end of February. McGlone later explained that she was sick and her phone had died when her daughter attempted to call.

When officers arrived at McGlone’s home, they saw that nobody was there, but they did notice that there was a broken window screen on a side window. Deputy Jonathan Reed decided to knock on a back window because there was no answer at the front door, and when he made his way to the back of the house, McGlone’s dog Scarlett, who was in the backyard, charged at him.

Reed claims that the dog was “snarling” at him and that in the moment, even though it was on a leash, he knew he couldn’t outrun it, so he had no choice but to fire his weapon. Reed has been with the York County Sheriff’s Department for five years and, according to reports, has had no prior incidents like this.

McGlone says she regrets not taking Scarlett inside before leaving the house.

“Something told me to just bring Scarlett in and I didn’t,” said McGlone. “And I beat myself up for that.”

As of right now, it doesn’t appear that McGlone is filing charges against the deputy, and the department continues to defend his choice.


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