Officer Darren Wilson Supporters Clash with Ferguson Business Owner (Video)


Ferguson, Mo., continues to experience racial tension, which has been running high since the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of African-American teen Michael Brown by white police office Darren Wilson.

While the civil unrest has cooled down this week during the evenings, CNN reported today that racial differences are as hot as ever.

CNN host Carol Costello showed a clip of CNN reporter Jake Tapper interviewing white supporters of Officer Wilson and a Ferguson business owner, noted (video below).

“We want you out of here,” the business owner told the Wilson supporters, reported

“We don’t want bad things," added the business owner. "I understand the justice and we understand that. You get out of here. We don’t want any controversy. A lot of black people live around here and I want for the peace.”

“It’s my First Amendment right and I am a United States citizen,” shouted one of the Wilson supporters.

“I am a United States citizen too!” the business owner yelled.

After a second Wilson supporter told him to speak English, the business owner screamed, "I am speaking English, do you understand that? You stupid jackass!”

“Okay, that was ugly,” stated Costello at the end of the segment.

A page set up for Wilson supporters to contribute money to the officer has been flooded with racist messages by donors.



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