Officer Caught On Recording Threatening To Shoot Homeless Camper 2 Hours Before He Actually Killed Him (Video)


Just a couple of hours before killing a homeless man, an Albuquerque, New Mexico police officer told another officer that he was going to shoot the man in the penis, and unbeknownst to the officer, that conversation was recorded.

The shooting, which occurred on March 16, happened at a campsite in the Sandia Foothills. The incident was caught on video and sparked national outrage. Now, months after the shooting, it’s being revealed that Officer Keith Sandy, who shot and killed Boyd, had talked to another officer two hours earlier about “shooting [Boyd] in the penis.”

“For this f**king lunatic?” Sandy says to state trooper and former colleague Chris Ware when informed that Boyd asked for state troopers. “I’m going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun here in a second.”

Boyd, who has a history of mental health issues, was shot and killed by Sandy after the officer’s conversation with his friend. Boyd allegedly made threats towards the officers who responded to the scene, although he wasn’t armed with a gun. At the time, Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden said that he felt the shooting was justified.

“Actually if you watch the videotape, all the less than lethal devices were in fact deployed,” said Chief Eden. “It was when the canine officer was down directing the canine dog that the suspect pulled out the two knives and directed a threat to the canine officer who had no weapons drawn. He was handling the dog.”

Now, with the shocking recording of Sandy talking about shooting Boyd in the penis having been released, Boyd’s family’s attorney is saying that it will likely be proof of intention.

“Two hours later he’s escalating the situation so he can do just that,” said civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy to KOB 4 News. “It’s chilling evidence and stunning that he has not been criminally indicted. He says to a state police officer ‘that f’ing lunatic, I’m going to shoot him in the penis.’ It’s crystal clear, and he says it with contempt in his voice.”

Listen to the disturbing recording of Officer Sandy below.

Sources: Raw Story, KOB 4 News


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