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Officer Caught On Camera Threatening To Kill Man During Traffic Stop (Video)

An Arizona police officer is coming under fire after a driver caught him on camera threatening his life.

The Buckeye Police Department in Buckeye, Arizona, is investigating the incident, saying that one of their officers used a “poor choice of words” when he pulled a man over for a traffic violation on Friday. The police department learned about the incident after seeing the video on social media, and now, they are conducting an internal investigation.

According to reports, police received “reliable information” about a person driving a Honda, similar to the one that Teodulo Sanchez was driving, who was carrying a weapon and a large amount of drugs.

The officer reportedly pulled Sanchez over and asked him to roll down his window, but he didn’t comply. When the officer asked the question again in Spanish, the driver did what was asked of him, but police allege that one of his arms moved out of the officer’s sight, and that’s when the cop threatened him.

“Show me the license right now. If you do something, I will kill you right here,” the officer threatens. “Are there any [weapons] in the car?"

By the end of the clip, the officer once again threatens Sanchez.

“Okay. Don't get out of the car. Stay there. If you move, I will shoot you right here. Do you understand me?”

The police department is now conducting an internal investigation into the officer’s threats.

Sources: KPHO, KVOA, ABC 15 News


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