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Officer Begins To Drink His McDonald's Tea, Realizes Something Is Very, Very Wrong (Video)

When an Indianapolis police officer decided to stop by a local McDonald’s, he quickly realized something horribly wrong with his order.

Reserve officer Paul Watkins decided to stop by the fast food chain to get a cup of self-serve iced tea. He filled half his cup with unsweetened tea and the other half with sweet tea. But Watkins noticed that the sweet tea was darker than usual. However, upon closer examination, he passed it off as safe.

Immediately after taking a sip, he realized it wasn’t tea he was drinking, the Daily Mail reported.

“He filled his cup and took a big gulp and immediately his throat started burning down into his chest,” Jerilyn Watkins, Paul’s wife, told ABC News.

Paul spit out the tea and told workers about the drink. The supervisor told the officer that employees had put cleaning liquid in the dispenser, but forgot to put a cup over the nozzle to signify that it was unsafe to use.

The workers offered him a fresh cup of tea as consolation, but he declined, according to the officer's lawyer.

When the officer returned to his car, he quickly called Jerilyn to explain the incident. Paul suddenly became very sick and called both the police station and poison control. He was quickly rushed to a local hospital where workers verified that he had drank a strong degreasing agent.

Officer Watkins spent the night at the hospital for analysis and treatment and even endured an endoscopy. He is reportedly still having major issues swallowing and still feels burning in his throat. He and his family are concerned about the lasting effects that drinking the degreasing agent could have.

“My husband has never drank, never smoked, never done drugs,” Jerilyn explained. “This is just insane.”

The owner of the McDonald’s in question, Elizabeth Henry, released a statement about the event, saying, “Serving my customers safe, high quality food and beverages is a top priority at our restaurants. We take this claim very seriously and are looking into the matter.”

Although Watkins hasn’t filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s yet, his attorney is hoping to settle something out of court in lieu of filing a suit.


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