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Officer Awarded Payout After Being Bitten by Flea at Work

A police officer at a station in Birmingham, England, was recently rewarded a settlement of 8,000 pounds after being bitten by fleas at his workplace.

As absurd as that payout was, it was only one settlement in a sea of many that have been initiated at city police stations. A total of 900,000 pounds have been paid out via successful claims made by 51 police officers and 16 civilian staff members in just three years.  

For as ridiculous as it was to pay the officer with the flea bite, there are two more claims in particular that are even more jaw-dropping. 

One worker was paid 50,000 pounds for a breach of data protection, and another who had fallen off their pushbike, received compensation of 14,000 pounds.

The campaign manager of the TaxPayers Alliance, Robert Oxley, says that such payments are ridiculous and undermine hard work by a lot of the officers.

“The crazy compensation culture has got completely out of hand and police chiefs urgently need to clamp down on attempts to play the system.”

“Policing is a difficult job that involves officers putting themselves at risk, but claims by some are in danger of undermining the hard work of the majority of officers.’’

Sources: BirminghamMail, MetroUK


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