Police Dog Attacks Officer Who Tried To Snap A Selfie


One deputy sheriff in Georgia decided it would be a good idea to snap a selfie with a police dog, but the dog was not at all pleased, and the officer wound up being rushed to the hospital with gruesome injuries.

Murray County Deputy Brett Morrison was mauled by the dog, a Malinois, after he tried to put his arm around it for a picture after a successful job. The dog is trained to react if it’s touched in a certain way, so unfortunately for Morrison, the canine was just doing what it was taught. The police dog went straight for Morrison’s face, biting open his lip and chin.

“It’s an act of aggression to them whenever you do that,” said Major Greg Fowler to the Dalton Daily Citizen. “The canine just responded by what was presented to him based on his training.”

After being attacked by the dog, Morrison was rushed to a hospital where he was treated for the injuries he sustained.

“They had to do quite a bit of stitching in the lip area where (it had been opened up) in a pretty good gash,” said Fowler. “We’re praying for the deputy and everything to be fine with him. He’s recuperating well, and we’re sorry for the incident, but you train animals, you train them to do certain things, and you don’t deviate from the training.”

Morrison is said to be at home recovering from his injuries and made a statement to WRCB, explaining his decision to take the picture.

“I had my phone in my hand when the dog began rubbing its body against my legs and the legs of another deputy,” said Morrison. “The dog raised up and put his front feet on the other deputy's chest and then he did the same to me. While he had his feet on my chest and I was petting him with my left hand, I thought that would make a good photo. It was then that he bit me.”

Morrison also claims that the selfie wasn’t “pre-planned.” An investigation is currently underway.


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