Office Of Inspector General Labels Joseph Stroup Nation's 'Most Wanted Deadbeat'


A man that the U.S. Office of Inspector General labeled the “Most Wanted Deadbeat” owes over $500,000 in child support.

In 1989, a court ordered Joseph Stroup to pay $100 a month in child support to the mother of his four children. Stroup told the judge he was disabled and unable to work, and his payment was dropped to a mere $14.00 a month.

He paid his monthly dues until 1996. That year, it was discovered he had sold a successful online business for over $2 million dollars. When courts adjusted his payment total to reflect the hefty sum of cash he owned, Stroup never made another payment. A warrant for his arrest was put out in 1998, but authorities still haven’t found him.

In light of his $559,000 debt, he’s earned the official title of “Most Wanted Deadbeat.” If arrested, Stroup will likely be forced to both pay off his debt and spend some time locked up. 

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Sources: Office of Inspector General, The Blaze


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