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Of Course: Sarah Palin Blames Environmentalists for Oil Disaster

Guess whom Sarah Palin blames for the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico -- BP? The oil industry? Obama? You're way, way off. She blames, naturally, environmentalists.

Like a teenager, the failed vice presidential candidate took to her Facebook page to complain. In a message to "extreme environmentalists," as she calls them, Palin writes:

Look, here’s the deal... With your nonsensical efforts to lock up safer drilling areas, all you’re doing is outsourcing energy development, which makes us more controlled by foreign countries, less safe, and less prosperous on a dirtier planet. Your hypocrisy is showing. You’re not preventing environmental hazards; you’re outsourcing them and making drilling more dangerous.

The BP rig was drilling for oil nearly a mile deep in the ocean, Palin claims, because of those wacky left-wing environmental nuts:

Extreme deep water drilling is not the preferred choice to meet our country’s energy needs, but your protests and lawsuits and lies about onshore and shallow water drilling have locked up safer areas. It’s catching up with you. The tragic, unprecedented deep water Gulf oil spill proves it.

Palin once again calls for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska -- the state Palin abandoned midway through her first term as governor:

We need permission to drill in safer areas, including the uninhabited arctic land of ANWR. It takes just a tiny footprint – equivalent to the size of LA’s airport – to tap America’s rich and plentiful oil and gas up north. ANWR’s drilling footprint is like a postage stamp on a football field.

She finishes her little diatribe with this cheery note:

Radical environmentalists: you are damaging the planet with your efforts to lock up safer drilling areas. There’s nothing clean and green about your misguided, nonsensical radicalism, and Americans are on to you as we question your true motives.


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