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Homeowner Finds Something Odd Behind Hidden Wall In Barn

A homeowner in Michigan was doing some spring cleaning when she reportedly came across a drywall crack in her barn.  

When Gwen Skover and her family cleaned out the structure, they discovered a fake wall hidden behind a closet, CNN reports.

They found a gap, and behind it they discovered a makeshift rack with 53 pairs of women's and children's shoes. In some of the pairs, bras had been jammed inside. Skover knew the garments, which looked old, did not belong to her as she has only lived in the house for eight years, CBS Detroit notes.

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Skover told WWJ Newsradio that she thought the whole thing was pretty funny at first, but it got creepier as she started to think about why all these shoes and garments had been collected.

"And the more we thought about it we thought, well, maybe it’s linked to something, you know," she said, according to CBS Detroit. "So we contacted the police."

Investigators told Skover that while the finding was definitely weird, it was more likely linked to a previous owner's fetish than to any sort of crime.

Skover said some of the items found in the closet may have dated back to the 1970s and guessed that "maybe somebody [was] having their little thing in the garage privately," according to CNN.

Skover said she threw out all of the items, and her family has since sealed the wall.

"I just want it to be over," she added to WWJ, CBS Detroit reports. 

"I don’t want to be known as 'The Fetish House.'"

Sources: CNN, CBS Detroit / Photo Credit: CNN

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