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Video: This Is Why Octopuses Are Considered World's Smartest Invertebrate

Octopuses are considered to be the most intelligent invertebrates, with great problem solving skills that can get them out of a predicament, like being trapped inside a jar.

The video below shows an octopus being placed in a glass jar, with the lid screwed on tightly to close the animal inside, Viral Nova notes.

But around the 20-second mark, the octopus appears to be using its tentacles, which bear suction cups, to unscrew the red lid from the inside of the jar. It takes about 50 seconds for the creature to escape.

Some viewers described the experiment as cruel, while others admired the the octopus’ cleverness.

Aside from being able to solve problems, these boneless creatures also have phenomenal camouflage capabilities, hunting and hiding skills, can escape through tiny holes, squirt out poison, exert force greater than their body weight, and mimic the appearance of other sea animals, according to First To Know.

Watch the video below to see just how smart octopuses are:

Sources: Viral NovaBuzzFeedFirst To Know / Photo Credit: Beata Svengt/YouTube


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