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Octomom Nadya Suleman Charged With Welfare Fraud

The 38-year-old woman known as “Octomom” could face more than five years in prison after being charged with felony welfare fraud.

Nadya Suleman, who became famous in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets, allegedly failed to report $30,000 in earnings in income from her porn video when she applied for welfare last year.

Suleman received $16,481 in welfare payments as a result.

The mother of 14 children was charged with one count of aid by misrepresentation and two counts of perjury by false application, according to a release from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

"While applying for public aid, the mother of 14 children allegedly failed to disclose that she was also getting checks for personal appearances and residuals from videos," the news release said.

Scheduled to be arraigned Friday, if convicted on all counts she faces five years and eight months in prison.

After the birth of her eight children, Suleman debts have pilled up. At one point she owed up to $1 million.

She made an adult video and danced at a topless stip club in Florida in 2013, CNN reported.

"I wouldn't even kiss somebody for money," Suleman told CNN's Nischelle Turner. "I would not kiss somebody. I wouldn't touch somebody."

She says she dream of one day beginning a business “empire” that can take care of her 14 children, one of whom has autism.

The octuplets, now five, are the oldest surviving set in the world. The smallest of the babies was less than two pounds at birth.

Sources: Fox News, CNN


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