Eight-Legged Baby Goat Born On Croatian Farm (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

A farm in northeast Croatia welcomed an eight-legged goat into the world.

According to the Daily Mail, Zoran Paparic's goat Sarka gave birth to the kid at his farm in Kutjevo.

Local veterinarians have determined that the baby goat's twin sibling had not fully developed in the womb, causing the appearance of one kid with eight legs.

Paparic thought he was seeing double after he found that Sarka had given birth to the deformed kid along with two healthy baby goats.

“I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things,” he says. “Then I called my neighbour to make sure that I am not crazy.”

The baby goat, which also possesses both male and female reproductive organs, has yet to be named, but has been dubbed “octogoat.” Paparic called it a “miracle of nature,” saying he would like to keep the kid if it lives long enough.

According to veterinarians, the goat has a low survival outcome, but if it lives through its first week it could go on living two to three years.

“Everything is double with him. Sarka, which I have had for three years, gave birth to a miracle of nature,” Paparic told InSerbia. “This is her fourth time and she always has triplets.”

“He is trying to stand on his feet, but lacks strength.”

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