Obese Colombian Baby Granted Life-Saving Treatment By Charity


A dangerously obese baby from Colombia has been taken in by a charity organization that agreed to fund the treatments addressing the numerous medical complications that stem from his weight gain. 

The baby, eight-month old Santiago Mendoza, weighs over 40 pounds. He was flown by charity organization Gorditos de Corazon (which translates, according to the Daily Mail, as the “Chubby Hearts” foundation) from his hometown of Valledupar to the capital city Bogota. 

The baby is scheduled to be treated at the Colina Clinic in Bogota for numerous medical conditions that he suffers as a result of his unconventional weight. 

Despite the charity’s willingness to help with medical treatment, the baby was not  born with such significant weight issues. In fact, the baby’s mother has accepted at least some responsibility for his weight, claiming that she gave him food and milk to calm his anxiety too often. The mother reached out to Gorditos de Corazon asking for help remedying the situation. 

According to Fox 8 WGHP, the baby has been placed on a “strict diet” in an attempt to reduce his weight to 17 pounds. Once he reaches that number, the hospital can undergo more advanced medical treatment. Doctors already claim that the child is likely to have medical issues such as joint problems or diabetes at some point in the future. 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest baby ever recorded was birthed by Canadian woman Anna Bates in 1879. The child weighed 23 lb 12 oz, around half the weight of the Colombian baby, but died soon after birth. 


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