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Obama Leaves Office With 58 Percent Approval Rating


President Barack Obama will leave office with a 58 percent approval rating, the highest since George H. W. Bush left office in 1993, according to one poll.

Obama's approval ratings remained above 50 percent throughout his presidency, fluctuating between 55 percent and 69 percent. His highest rating was just before he took office in 2009, when 78 percent of Americans approved of him.

His predecessor, George W. Bush, left office with two controversial wars and a recession, resulting in a 40 percent approval rating. Former President Bill Clinton, who was impeached after a sex scandal with former intern Monica Lewisnky, left office with a 55 percent approval rating.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will also leave their posts with high approval ratings, according to Gallup.

Michelle's approval rating stands at 68 percent, a figure she didn't sway too far from throughout her time as first lady.

And Biden will leave office with a 61 percent approval rating, his highest yet as the nation's vice president.

Biden started his time in office with 38 percent and hovered mostly around 48 percent in subsequent years, except for a drop down to 38 percent in 2014.

But Biden's popularity increased over the past two years and will end with a slightly higher approval rating than the president.

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump is set to enter office with the lowest approval rating among recent incoming presidents with 40 percent by the time he gets sworn into the Oval Office, according to CBS News.

Trump also has the highest disapproval rating among recent incoming presidents with 58 percent.

Sources: Gallup, CBS News / Photo credit: The White House/Flickr

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