Obamacare Website May Be 'Stealth' Gun Registry, Suggests Rush Limbaugh (Audio)

The conservative media has manufactured fake Obamacare horror stories, but today radio host Rush Limbaugh took the paranoia one step further when he suggested that the Obamacare website may be a "stealth" national gun registry.

Limbaugh referred to an article on Breitbart.com that claims a Canadian company, CGI, has a U.S. subsidiary, CGI Federal, that was paid $93.7 million to build HealthCare.gov.

CGI was also once contracted to build a nationwide gun registry for the Canadian government.

However, CGI's contract for the gun registry was canceled in 2007 because it was "significantly over budget" and a more conservative government took over the country.

According to MediaMatters.org, Limbaugh suggested their might be an anti-gun conspiracy in this report (audio below).

"Here's a group that tried to put together a gun registry in Canada," said Limbaugh. "Oh yeah, we love those kinds of people. Gun registry, oh yeah, that's the kind of people we need."

"While we're working on health care they can be, in a stealth way, establishing one of those here maybe, just ruminating, you know," added the radio host.

Sources: MediaMatters.org and Breitbart.com


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