ObamaCare Declared ‘Null And Void’ In South Carolina

On Wednesday a bill was passed in the South Carolina state House that would make implementing “ObamaCare” a crime. The new legislation, which was passed by a vote of 65-39, declares President Obama's controversial healthcare program "null and void."

Gov. Nikki Haley said that her state cannot afford ObamaCare and that the state does not want the plan, “not now, not ever.”

“To that end, we will not pursue the type of government-run health exchanges being forced on us by Washington,” Haley said. “Despite the rose-colored rhetoric coming out of D.C., these exchanges are nothing more than a way to make the state do the federal government’s bidding in spending massive amounts of taxpayer dollars on insurance subsidies that we can’t afford.”

The Freedom of Health Care Protection Act would prohibit state workers from "enforcing or attempting to enforce such unconstitutional laws" and "establish criminal penalties and civil liability" for anyone that attempts to implement ObamaCare.

What South Carolina is doing is similar to the way some states have reacted to what they consider to be restrictive federal gun laws.

Last year the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare's main stipulation, requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance, is constitutional, Fox News reported.

ObamaCare is facing other problems. A portion of the bill that was supposed to make it easier for small businesses to provide insurance for their employees has already been delayed until 2015.

"Lots of small businesses struggle with providing insurance for their workers so this was supposed to facilitate it and make it easier for small business to do this," said Jim Capretta of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. "It was a huge portion of the sale job. When they passed the law in 2010 there were many senators and members of Congress who were saying 'I am doing this because it's going to help small businesses.'"

Sources: Fox News, The Washington Times


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