Obama Wrong to Simply Laugh Off Marijuana Legalization


Speaking live moments ago President Barack Obama pledged “to open up the White House to the American people.”

Well, to some of the American people that is.

As for those tens of millions of you who believe that cannabis
should be legally regulated like alcohol — and the tens of thousands of
you who voted to make this subject themost popular question in today’s online Presidential Town Hall — well, your voice doesn’t really matter.

Asked this morning whether he “would … support the bill currently
going through the California legislation to legalize and tax marijuana,
boosting the economy and reducing drug cartel related violence,” the
President responded with derision.

“There was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high
and that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and
job creation, and I don’t know what this says about the online
audience,” he laughed.

“The answer is no, I don’t think that [is] a good strategy.”

Obama’s cynical rebuff was short-sighted and disrespectful to a
large percentage of his supporters. After all, was it not this very
same “online audience” that donated heavily to Obama’s Presidential
campaign and ultimately carried him to the White House?

Second, as I’ve written previously in The Hill
and elsewhere, the overwhelming popularity of the marijuana law reform
issue — as manifested in this and in similar forums — illustrates that there
is a significant, vocal, and identifiable segment of our society that
wants to see an end to America’s archaic and overly punitive marijuana

The Obama administration should be embracing this constituency, not mocking it.

Third, will somebody please ask the President: “What is it that you think is so funny about the subject of marijuana law reform?” Since 1965, police have arrested over 20 million Americans
for violating marijuana laws, yet nearly 90 percent of teenagers say
that pot is “very easy” or “fairly easy” to obtain. That’s funny?

According to this very administration, there is an unprecedented level of violence occurring at the Mexico/US border
— much of which is allegedly caused by the trafficking of marijuana to
the United States by drug cartels. America’s stringent enforcement of
pot prohibition, which artificially inflates black market pot prices
and ensures
that only criminal enterprises will be involved in the production and
sale of this commodity, is helping to fuel this violence. Wow, funny

Finally, two recent polls indicate that a strong majority of
regional voters support ending marijuana prohibition and treating the
drug’s sale, use, and distribution like alcohol
. A February 2009 Zogby telephone poll
reported that nearly six out of ten of voters on the west coast think
that cannabis should be “taxed and legally regulated like alcohol and
cigarettes.” A just-released California Field Poll reports similar
results, finding that 58 percent of statewide votes believe that regulations for cannabis should be the same or less strict than those for alcohol.

Does the President really think that all of these voters are worthy of his ridicule?

Let the White House laugh for now, but the public knows that this issue is no laughing matter. This week alone, legislators in Illinois, Minnesota, and New Hampshire voted to legalize the use of marijuana for authorized individuals. Politicians in three additional states heard testimony this week in favor of eliminating criminal penalties for all adults who possess and use cannabis. And lawmakers in Massachusetts and California are now debating legally regulating marijuana outright.

The American public is ready and willing to engage in a serious and
objective political debate regarding the merits of legalizing the use
of cannabis by adults. And all over this nation, whether Capitol Hill wants to acknowledge it or not, they are engaging in this debate as we speak.

Sorry Obama, this time the joke’s on you.


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