Obama Will be the Most Anti-Gun President in U.S. History


By Erich Pratt | Director of Communications


That’s what the next four years are going to bring. More government regulations … more government spending … and more battles over gun control.

Once Barack Obama takes his oath of office in January, he will become, without a doubt, the most anti-gun president this nation has ever seen.

Obama’s record shows that he opposes “concealed carry” laws, supports bans on many common shotguns and semi-automatic firearms, opposes guns being available and ready for self-defense (that is, he wants guns locked up) and favors prohibitive taxes on firearms and hunting ammunition.

What’s worse, Obama has also supported a total and complete prohibition on firearms.

He not only pushed for a ban on inexpensive handguns, he has supported the draconian gun ban in our nation’s capital although he seemed to moderate his position after the Supreme Court handed down its opinion in the D.C. vs. Heller case this past June, when it struck down D.C.’s handgun ban.

So Obama supported the D.C. gun ban before he opposed it.

In the Illinois Senate, Obama supported the prosecution of gun owners like Hale DeMar of Wilmette, Illinois, who successfully used a handgun to defend his family against a home intruder in 2003. At the time, Wilmette banned the ownership of handguns, and Sen. Obama later voted to maintain the town’s ability to prosecute “criminals” like DeMar.

Obama has built his career on supporting gun control. And with a flood of new Democratic blood in the Congress, Obama will have the opportunity to pass his agenda in a way that few presidents before him have been able to do.

We will still see the scores of anti-gun bills that usually flood Congress. But now, any of these bills could easily become law. So gun owners should expect to see battles over:

* Taxes (or outright bans) on hunting ammunition

* A reauthorization of the semi-auto gun ban which was in force from 1994-2004

* A ban on many commonly owned shotguns that will be redefined as “assault weapons”

* Restrictions, and even a prohibition, on gun shows

The list goes on and on.

Now that the Supreme Court has recognized that the Bill of Rights protects an 'individual right' to keep and bear arms, it is possible that we will see a classic confrontation between the courts and the other two branches of government.

If the Court continues striking down gun control laws — because they run afoul of the Second Amendment right which "shall not be infringed" — then that would be change many Americans could get behind.

For more on the DC handgun ban, click here.



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