Obama vs. Romney: The Last Race-Based National Election

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America is never going to be the same. Jonathan Chait at New York magazine believes this is the last time the Republican Party will have the numbers to run an all-white, race-based election.

What is fascinating is that the current Romney-Ryan white-racial push is hard to see. It takes a close look into the inner functioning of the 2012 election to get it.

The racial tension becomes visible when you look at the “two big lies.” The first big fib that
the Romney campaign is using is the story how Obama is cutting back the work requirement
for welfare. Despite denunciations about the complete falsity of the ad from almost every non- partisan political analyst, the Romney campaign continues to run it.

Why? Well, welfare represents those other people, those blacks who do not want to work—and who support the Food Stamp President’ European socialist state.

Psychologically, this lie about Obama cutting the work requirement is supposed to appeal to non-college educated whites, like the black Willy Horton rapist ad during the 1988 Bush-Dukakis campaign. And not too surprisingly, Larry McCarthy, who created the Willy Horton ad, is chief consultant to the Romney Super PAC that is making up these new anti-black videos.

Interestingly, the new McCarthy hate ads pass right on by the average viewer without
consciously bringing up the thought of race. Most likely, a person viewing the false Obama-cuts-the-work-requirement ad is cued that this is about American values—real white values—rather black cheats and welfare whores.

This “us or them” thinking is also why Romney and Ryan are pushing the second big lie.
Those ads claim Obama is gutting Medicare. That’s totally false. The 2012 report by the Chief Actuary of the Medicare said that The Affordable Care Act increases the program’s fiduciary soundness by 12 years. This increase in soundness comes without reducing Medicare services for seniors. Further, the Actuary’s report called for more reforms in the future like those made under Obamacare.

Saving Medicare is a non-starter for Romney, who has vowed to turn it into a voucher program. The real issue for Romney is that seventy-one percent of the people on Medicare are white. Meanwhile, Romney must score 61% of the national white vote in order to win. But that hasn’t been done since the days of Jim Crow. So, he’s got to get every white Medicare voter and every non-college educated white person to huff and puff with those who are blowing the racial squalls or his ship never sails.

All this helps to explain why Romney did not try to bring in the Hispanic/Latin vote by picking
Florida Senator Marco Rubio for the Republican vice presidential nomination. Romney had no intention of reconciling the races. His campaign allegedly felt that Romney would outright lose to Obama on that one. So Romney tossed in his hat with the all-white male billionaires, who are almost singlehandedly funding his campaign of racial divisiveness—and lies.


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