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Obama’s Highest Approval Rating Now Lower Than Bush’s

We thought that George W. Bush was not very popular among the kids, but times, they are a changin’. Our once-popular President Barack Obama has recently dipped to new lows in popularity polls. His rating amongst voters is even lower than post-9-11 Bush.

Quinnipiac University recently conducted a poll that revealed that less than half of registered voters currently believe that Obama is “honest and trustworthy.” That’s different from previous polls, they say, and in a bad way.

Apparently, “in September of 2011 this same poll saw Obama’s approval rating at 58 percent, but now it’s plummeted down to 49 percent.” According to Gallup, Inquisitr said his approval rating is now at a lowly 46 percent.

The latest cause of Obama’s drop in popularity has been his most recent run-in with the social police. The IRS scandal could be considered to be “twice as bad as Watergate,” WND said. Some voters seem to agree. 

As a matter of fact, Bush’s approval ratings have actually been increasing as Obama’s have been dipping.

Be honest: who saw this coming?

Sources: CNS News, Inquisitr, WND


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