Obama: No Release of Osama Bin Laden Death Photos


The world will not see definitive proof that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a daring U.S. raid on Sunday -- President Obama has decided not to release the death photos.

The CBS News web site said Obama made the decision public during an interview with "60 Minutes," which will air on Sunday. The president said he was concerned that the image, described on Tuesday by his spokesman as "gruesome," could prove inflammatory. 

Sources told ABC News that the president was "increasingly skeptical" about the need to show photographic proof of Bin Laden's death. They said that the administration monitored voices in the Arab and Muslim media, and very few of them doubted that Bin Laden was indeed dead. Hence, no need to release a photo.

Sources also told ABC that Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advised Obama against releasing a photo, saying it could prompt backlash against the U.S.

The photos reportedly show Bin Laden's blood and brains, exposed by a Navy Seals' bullet that entered the terrorist leader's eye.

The decision comes just a day after CIA Director Leon Panetta said he believed the photos would "ultimately" be released.


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