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Golf Club May Reject Obama Over Latest Stance On Israel

President Barack Obama has applied to become a member of an exclusive Washington D.C.-based golf club but may be rejected on the basis of his hard-line stance on Israel reflected in a recent vote at the United Nations. 

A golf enthusiast, Obama is reportedly looking to join the Woodmont Country Club in Maryland.

Members of the club, however, the vast majority of whom are Jewish, are debating on whether they should extend membership to the soon-to-be retired Obama, the Daily Mail reports. 

Many of the golf club's members are furious at the Obama administration's recent move to not veto a UN vote which censured Israel over Israeli settlements and at a speech delivered by Secretary of State John Kerry backing the move.  

According to the New York Post, a source said: "In light of the votes at the UN and the Kerry speech and everything else, there’s this major uproar with having him part of the club, and a significant portion of the club has opposed offering him membership."

One member considers the president to have done the most in damaging Israel out of all presidents. 

Obama supporters at the club were reportedly willing to arrange a back-door effort to have him join the club by waiving the $80,000 initiation fee it requires new members to pay. Annual fees to the club amount to around $10,000. 

A source said: "Originally, this was supposed to be a back-door thing to get this done and give him the membership — free of charge — and circumvent the rules."

The source continued: "After the UN vote and attack on Israel, I think it probably hurts the club. If there is a club that excludes Jews, he would probably be more comfortable around those folks."

The Woodmont Country Club was founded shortly before the First World War by Jews who had been turned away by other country clubs at the time. 

Obama was first invited to play at the course in September 2015. 

According to Forward, after the visit, club General Manager Brian Pizzamenti commented: "We’d be honored to have the president at the club as a member. We’re glad to have offered [Obama] fun and relaxation."

Sources: New York Post, Forward, Daily Mail  / Photo credit: MV Times

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