Obama With Hitler Mustache Pictured On Sign At Indiana Shopping Center (Video)


A video billboard outside a shopping center in Kendallville, Ind., flashes a picture of Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache.

Among pictures of fall foods and statements like “Welcome to Kandallville,” the sign also says “Impeach Obama” and later “God Bless America.”

The owner of the billboard in Cornerstone Plaza says the image is a paid advertisement that is not associated with any of the businesses located there, Raw Story reported.

The sign appears to be a LaRouche Pac ad. The radical political action committee supports more regulation on big banks, like reinstating the Glass-Steagal Act of the Depression era, and has promoted conspiracy theories that President Barack Obama supports “a Nazi policy.”

“It is easy to liberty for granted when you’ve never had it taken from you,” the sign also flashes.

Founder of the movement Lyndon LaRouche has said that if Obama is not impeached “the U.S. faces overt dictatorship.”

In 1986, some members of the LaRouche movement were convicted of tax evasion, conspiracy to commit fraud, and mail fraud in connection to fund-raising.

Sources: Raw Story, wane.com


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