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Obama Field Organizer Sydney Leathers Allegedly Involved in Anthony Weiner Sext Scandal

A 23-year-old political activist was revealed last night as the woman allegedly involved in a sexting scandal with Anthony Weiner, which took place a year after he resigned from Congress.

Sydney Leathers is the latest woman to be uncovered from Weiner’s scandal after she released copies of explicit conversations and pictures of Weiner’s genitals.

Leathers is a blogger for the Indiana Progressive Liberals and was a field organizer for Obama’s reelection campaign. The 23 year old is outspoken about her political opinions and posts them throughout social media like Facebook.

On Leathers’ list of political heroes, she includes President Barack Obama, Bill Maher and Weiner.

In a statement on her Facebook page, Leathers said that Weiner did nothing worthy of resignation, and that he should continue to send her pictures for the rest of his life.

Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin made an appearance on Tuesday at a Gay Men's Health Crisis Mayoral Forum on HIV/AIDS. Weiner announced that the latest material would not prevent him from continuing in his race for New York City mayor.

Weiner’s previous attempt in 2005 to run for New York City mayor was unsuccessful, and his competitors have called for him to drop out.

Competitor Bill de Blasio said: “Enough is enough.”

Newspaper editorials have also called for an end to his race, with the Wall Street Journal criticizing him for making his wife endure so much already.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Caller


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