Obama And Cruz Share Flight To Dallas On Air Force One


In a display of bipartisanship to support the families of the slain Dallas police officers, President Barack Obama will travel to Texas with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

"President Obama invited Sen. Cruz to travel on Air Force One to the memorial service to honor the fallen officers in Dallas. The senator accepted the invitation," Cruz spokesman Phil Novack said, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Cruz has been a vociferous critic of the Affordable Care Act, the landmark health care legislation that Obama has fought hard to enact. In 2013, Cruz led a 21-hour filibuster to defund what's sometimes called Obamacare.

"I intend to speak in support of de-funding Obamacare until I am no longer able to stand, to do everything that I can to help Americans stand together and recognize this grand experiment three and a half years ago is quite simply not working,” Cruz said at the time, according to Fox News.

During his filibuster, Cruz famously read from the Dr. Seuss children's book, “Green Eggs and Ham.”

"I will credit my father, he invented green eggs and ham,” Cruz said.” He did it two ways. The easy way was he would put green food coloring in. 'Green eggs and ham' was my favorite book as a little boy. You can actually do it -- the food coloring is a little bit cheating. But if you take spinach and mix it into the eggs, the eggs turn green."

But the political foes put aside their differences during the trip to Dallas aboard Air Force One to commemorate the five Dallas police officers who were killed on July 7 while policing a demonstration.

"It's in moments of tragedy that this unity is revealed," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Fox News / Photo credit: Flickr

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