Oakland University Student Expelled After Submitting "Hot for Teacher" Essay

After Joe Corlett, 57, submitted an essay entitled “Hot for Teacher” to his creative writing professor at Oakland University, the school expelled him for inappropriate content.

According to The Blaze, Corlett pursued his associate degree at a community college and enrolled at Oakland University in 2011, hoping to earn higher wages in a weak economy.

Now, Corlett is suing the university for $2 million in federal court, claiming mental anguish and embarrassment after being removed from school. He claimed that the class was permitted to write on any topic, and that nothing was off limits.

“I’m a taxpayer,” Corlett said, expressing his outrage at the school’s decision. “Some of us own that university.”

Oakland officials said Corlett’s case is weak. By referring to his former professor Pamela Mitzelfeld as “stacked,” likening her to the character Ginger on Gilligan’s Island, and voicing concerns over his wife’s reaction to his writings, the school said they had serious educational concerns regarding Corlett’s work. Beyond that, Corlett’s failure to recognize what clearly violated the school’s harassment policy cemented their decision of expulsion.

Corlett compared his expulsion to a terrorist attack, saying: “Osama Bin Laden himself couldn’t have come up with a better way for our country to commit suicide than with this political correctness being perpetuated on our nation’s campuses.”

In his journal, Corlett commented on a second teacher who was pregnant at the time. He said she was “hot, and not just from baking the bun in her oven.”

Sources: The Blaze, Detroit Free Press


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